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Dream Design - Small Entryway

Wednesday, July 11

The third installment of Dream Design features the West Elm Mid-Century Nightstand as a console in a small entryway/foyer. I emphasize small because a nightstand of this size would be overpowered in a normal size entry. In this case, I'm picturing a tiny little hallway, much like you would find in a city apartment. Enough space for a small console and chair, but not much else.

Small spaces are a great place to try out something fun and daring - like a black and white striped wallpaper. In a large room, all of those stripes could easily seem overwhelming, but in a small hallway, they add impact and interest. A simple unadorned mirror (which for some reason looks really opaque in the collage) can lean against the wall if there is enough room, or be hung on the wall if floor space is tight. Layered in front of the mirror are a gorgeous chartreuse Wishbone chair (possibly my new favourite chair) and the nightstand functioning as a little table. This time, to change things up, I would replace the knobs on the nightstand with the Linen Flower knob from Anthropologie.  As the table is quite small, using a table lamp would significantly decrease the amount of table space available for keys/mail/cellphones/etc. Instead, I've opted for the gorgeous Rhododendron Chandelier, also from Anthro. On top of the table is a cute spotted tray from Furbish for dropping mail or your cellphone, a small mercury glass cup for keys or a candle, and a little bronze urchin for fun. The orange Imperial Trellis fabric would be used for a throw pillow on the Wishbone chair, in order to balance the warm orangey/red colours from the art on the other side of the mirror. Rustic hooks on the wall and art complete the entry.

That's a wrap for my Mid-Century Nightstand inspiration, but I'll be back with more installments of Dream Design next week.

Small Entry - 11Jul12

Hunter dog boots
125 CAD -

infinity floor mirror
400 CAD -

Rhododendron Chandelier
905 CAD -

Mid-Century Nightstand
250 CAD -

Schoolroom Hook Rack
89 CAD -

Linen Flower Knob
12 CAD -

Imperial Trellis II in Ivory/Mandarin
150 CAD -

Spotted Tray
12 CAD -

Posy- Open Edition Print
18 CAD -

Silvered Votive, Diamonds
8.06 CAD -

Bronze Urchin Object
20 CAD -

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