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Work Hard, Play Hard

Wednesday, July 25

For today's Dream Design post (I know it was supposed to be up yesterday - sorry!), my goal was to design an office space for someone with a more creative job. Creative work spaces tend to allow for more leeway when it comes to colour and pattern than traditional workplaces.

Here my starting point was the Money Penny Blue fabric in the top right corner, which would make excellent drapes. Although it technically is a floral, it's not too feminine and it has a nice graphic element. A light blue geometric wallpaper (Kikko Trellis) and the dark blue handmade Luna Marrakesh rug pick up on the shades of blue in the drapery fabric.

The remaining fabrics (including an apple green velvet!) would be used to make cork boards to display projects and inspirational photos/items. I've also added these really fun moustache pushpins from CB2, for that necessary element of whimsy. Making your own cork board/bulletin board/ inspiration board is actually a really easy project - grab a large frame, cut a rectangle of cork to fit, and staple a pretty fabric around the cork before installing it in the frame. Presto! Thrift stores (like Value Village) are great places to find cool vintage frames. Often they still have *cough*hideous*cough* art inside them, but that can easily be removed.

A pair of sliding door bookcases and a dark blue dresser could hold all of your supplies/books/etc or be a great place to showcase or store new pieces, depending on what you do. A large industrial work table provides lots of space to spread out when working on a project and the classic Eames Executive Chair in a pretty peacock blue would keep you comfy while you're in the creative zone. For those occasions when a client or colleague might pop into your office, a pair of green Era Round Arm chairs pulls out the green in the room fabrics and gives visitors a spot to sit. Art and a few accessories help to finish things off. Let me know what you think!

Creative Office Space - 25Jul12


Black Sliding Door Bookcase and Media Cabinet
300 CAD -

885 CAD -

Phoenix Work Table
1,510 CAD -

York Trash Bucket
24 CAD -

Contemporary Linen Curtain Fabric with Indigo design
125 CAD -

Zelenka Bowl
18 CAD -

shop navy chest

Domestic Bliss Ii #1 By Susan Allbert
2,820 CAD -

Brianza Velvet
68 CAD -

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  1. ooo I looooove the colors in this office - I'm going to keep this in mind when I set up my classroom in sept!


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