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Nails done. Hair done. Everything did. (Or you know, just nails.)

Tuesday, August 28

I went for a manicure a few weeks ago to use a Groupon I bought. THIS was the result:
I mean, an 8-year-old could do a better job.

Can you even BELIEVE that?! The girl was so sweet; I didn't want to vocalize what a terrible job she was doing. She didn't even put a base coat under the red! My nails were stained red! Sigh. After that experience (and several other questionable mani experiences in the last year), I've decided not to pay money for a manicure anymore. I can do a better job myself. And one of my favourite ways to do an at-home manicure is with these Sally Hansen strips. Have you used them?

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Mod About You

These are AMAZING. They're basically thin strips of nail polish (they're not stickers) that you press on your nails and file to the right length. You can even take it off with nail polish remover. So easy. Super fun designs and no worry about smudging. I think they run around $10 at the drug store but I usually pick a few up when they're on sale, usually around $8.

Ignore my awkward pinky position

Once you get the hang of it, they're fairly easy to apply. It takes me about 15 minutes. The first time I tried to apply them though, it took me ages because I didn't realize there were two layers of plastic around the strips. I took a few photos to document the process, so you don't run into the same problem I did if you decide to try them. I definitely recommend them - especially if you're prone to smudging your nails immediately, like I am!

1. Choose the sizes that best fit your nails. (You get two sets of these.)

2. Peel off the front plastic layer. (This is the step I missed the first time!)

3. Peel off the paper backing.
4. Apply to nail.

5. Use included wood stick to smooth out any bubbles.
6. Use light pink side of included file to file along the edge of your nail.
7. Nail polish strip will separate along the edge of your nail.
8. Pull off the section of the strip that isn't attached to your nail.
9. Admire your new mani!

P.S. Excuse the terrible iPhone pics! My camera cord is on the moving van currently making it's way across the country... My packing skills are definitely subpar, haha.

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