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So Fresh

Friday, August 31

Oh, the J. Crew bubble necklace. It's pretty iconic. So iconic, actually, that they bring it back season after season. Everyone on the interwebs seems to have one. And I can't blame them - it's a pretty fabulous statement necklace. Unfortunately, it has a not so fabulous price. $174 for those of us in the True North, Strong and Free. Now I can rationalize just about anything, but that's going a little far for non-precious jewels.

Available here.

Luckily for me (but unfortunate for J. Crew), a host of knock-offs have popped up in my price range. When I was in Toronto with my girlfriends last week, we popped into the Joe Fresh store and they had two adorable bubble necklaces for only $15! It came in a pretty turquoise/teal colour (my memory is failing me as to which one it was) and this pinky/red colour, which I picked up. Obviously, the quality is less than J. Crew's beauty, but for my purposes, it's perfect!

It can be worn at this shorter length or a lot longer.

Joe Fresh actually has an awesome jewelry collection. All affordable and a lot of it is very cute! I also have the necklace below, which I picked up a couple months ago at 50% off for only $7!

The links on this one occasionally separate, but it's really easy to hook back together.

Considering my propensity for losing jewelery, dropping a ton of cash on anything short of a wedding band is a baaad idea. I am REALLY hoping that most of my accessories are packed in a box on the moving truck that is currently making it's way toward me because I have NO IDEA where most of my jewelry has gone, haha.

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