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Wednesday, August 15

One of my favourite de-stress activities is Polyvore. Do you know Polyvore? If you love design and fashion as much as I do, you should. Basically, the concept is that you can put together rooms or outfits, using real products, to create sets. It's like shopping but without the price tag. All the fun of putting things together without having to hand out your credit card at the end. The fact that this is my de-stressor probably should have clued me in sooner that this is where my real interest lies, haha. ANYWAY, my point is that I enjoy designing rooms in my spare time. This should come as no surprise. Recently though, I started putting a room together on Polyvore and about half-way through, it started to remind me of my friend, Anf. I'm not sure what it is about the room - maybe its similarity to the jewelry she wears? No idea. But it totally reminded me of her. We were roomies on our vacation last weekend and when I told her about it, she wanted to see. Thus, the impetus for this post. Hope you like!

A's Room

Fabrics Papers
170 CAD -

Petrie Sofa
1,685 CAD -

Garvey Chair
990 CAD -

Tribal Carved Coffee Table
300 CAD -

Gwinnett Floor Lamp
990 CAD -

Factory Side Table
59 CAD -

395 CAD -

Celestial Coaster Set
32 CAD -

You Are My Sunshine Pillow
195 CAD -

Orimono Pillow, Flower
77 CAD -

Calais 43.5 Navy Cabinet
890 CAD -

Mohave Fabric
170 CAD -

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