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Bohemian Workspace

Thursday, September 20

I have a few posts in the works but none are quite ready yet, so I pulled this room design out of my Polyvore archive.  I was inspired to create this room when I saw this adorable chair in my email inbox, courtesy of HomeMint. HomeMint (and ShoeMint for that matter) have seriously adorable wares that I am always tempted to order. Unfortunately, HomeMint doesn't currently ship to Canada, so for now, these pretties will have to stay in my daydreams. This particular chair is a little more bohemian than I typically go for and I love the way the Kilim works with the shape of the chair.
Workspace inspired by HomeMint chairs

Toile de Jouy Wallpaper
61 CAD -

Clybourn Desk
1,950 CAD -

Diego Room Divider
1,560 CAD -

Linen Curtain Fabric
230 CAD -

IKEA Kottebo
17 CAD -

Apple Store (Canada)
1,170 CAD -

Multi Kilim Arm Chair

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