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Eye (Phone) Candy

Wednesday, September 5

I was scrolling through the photos on my iPhone the other day and realized just how many photos of different pieces of furniture/home accessories I've taken. This probably comes to no surprise to anyone who has shopped with me, but I had no idea how often I do it! Instead of letting them disappear into the oblivion of my Camera Roll, here are a few of my favourites for your perusal, with the name of the store when I can remember it. Some of these are seriously old.

Awesome coffee table. I'm pretty sure this was spotted at Bombay in Bayers Lake, but I think it was just after Christmas.
I seriously stared at these chairs for a good 10 minutes trying to justify bringing them home. HomeSense in the spring.
Tufting makes my heart flutter. HomeSense in the spring. I think they have a leather version now, but the quality doesn't seem great.
Fun retro fans. HomeSense this summer.
If I hadn't been moving across the country, this baby would have come home with me. HomeSense this summer.
I liked the shape of this chair. Would look great as a pair with fun pillows. HomeSense this summer.
Industrial side table. HomeSense this summer.
Adorable lamp. HomeSense just yesterday!
Close-up of the bamboo-esque shade (minus the plastic, of course).
Cute zigzag footstool. Would be amazing in a girl's room. HomeSense yesterday.
I was hardcore in love with this lamp. Someone buy it, please. HomeSense yesterday.
This is one of my all-time favourite lamps. Quatrefoil. Spotted in the window of a little decor/antique shop on Yonge St., Toronto on Canada Day weekend.
A great metal trunk, found in the back of the shop above, same weekend.
I wish this photo had turned out better. Dang iPhone. Gorgeous chartreuse velvet setee with a patterned stripe. Another little shop on Yonge St.
Mint Lacquered Storage. Kel, are you dying?! Spotted at Booboo & Lefty, Yonge St., Toronto
This amazing vintage dresser was HUGE and only $295. At my favourite antique mall, L&K Antiques in Tilbury, ON.
Same dimensions as the above dresser but in a different finish. Would look great with fun hardware.
Ignore the dishes & weird fake flowers. The details on this table are gorgeous.
From vintage to mass-produced. IKEA goes colourful. End of August.
Seriously walked almost all the way to the checkout with both of these duvet sets after seeing this IKEA display. Then I reminded myself that I am a responsible adult.
Super fun IKEA rug. Look at the chartreuse & teal striped trim!
And lastly, this classic IKEA rug. My friend H has it and it looks amazing in a room.
So there's a little run-down of what my iPhone has been up to in the home decor department. Anything caught your eye(Phone) lately?

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  1. Mint still my heart. Let's be honest: mint ANYTHING.


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