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I am the oldest (only?) son

Saturday, September 8

After listening to Mumford & Sons pretty much nonstop for the last few weeks, I've come to the conclusion that this is my favourite song:

Awesome, right? Here's a live version from a festival in Scotland (I think...), which I'm only sharing because the people in the crowd are hysterical. I don't think anyone actually knows the words but they're all singing along and trying to fake that they do. You know you do it too... you just probably don't get caught on camera, haha. My favourite is that sign that someone holds up about the "oldest son"...umm, isn't the lyric "only son?" You took the time to make a sign (ok, TECHNICALLY it's written in sharpie on a piece of looseleaf) and yet you didn't double check the lyrics? Tooooo funny.


  1. oh, i'm horrible at getting song lyrics right! i've been made fun of for what i'm singing way to many times ...


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