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Jewels & Gems

Wednesday, September 12

This past weekend, I attended my first Stella and Dot party. Have you been? SO MUCH PRETTY! The pieces are gorgeous. The packaging is adorable. The girls are friendly and sweet. In spite of it being Sunday morning after a Saturday night out, I had such a blast. I picked up a couple of early Christmas gifts (Who's on the ball this year? THIS girl!) but managed to refrain from buying anything for myself. I'm not quite sure how I managed such a display of willpower; it's not normally my strong suit. Maybe this 'pretending to be a responsible adult' thing is working better than I thought. Here are a few that made it onto my personal wishlist:

Statement necklaces:
The most gorgeous stones (and highest price tag...). Serenity Necklace $208

I didn't even want to try this one on because I knew I would love it too much. Bahari Necklace $104

My friend has this beauty, which is probably #1 on my wishlist. Medina Bib Necklace $98
Delicate necklace:
If this arrow came in gold, I would have been DONE. On The Mark Necklace $54

Gorgeous Devi Bangles, on sale for $71.20

The Harlow Bangle, reminds me of neurons for some reason... $36

If I had seen the Lucia Bracelet in person, there's no way I could have resisted it. $74
Serenity Stone Drops in the prettiest jade colour. $54

Devi Hoops, to go with the Devi Bangles. Also on sale - $43.20

Deco Drop Earrings, $49. Classic.

Bubbly Valentina Chandelier Earrings $49

Who can resist lace? Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings $54
What about you? Are there any that tempt you to let go of your 'responsible adult' disguise?


  1. That arrow does come in gold, it's my favorite, wear it all the time <3

    1. AMAZING! I wonder if they still make it? I didn't see it in the catalog or online...

  2. Lovely post Vanessa! I'm glad you had a fun time. It was great meeting you and I know you'll love your new Stella & Dot pieces! I just double checked and the Ever After necklace only comes in silver now. Let me know if I can help you in getting any of your fave picks above :) They truly are stunning. Thanks!!


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