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Wednesday, October 31

Two-tone kitchens have been on my mind lately and not just because they're so on trend. I'm working on a design plan for my darling, delightful aunt, and our plans include some pretty awesome two-tone cabinets in her kitchen. In fact, her cabinets are already two-tone (a muted yellow on the lower cabinets and soft cream on the uppers), so she's obviously ahead of the curve. We're going to keep the cabinets (which are gorgeous) and just update them with some seriously fun paint. It's all about keeping it fresh and a little whimsical.

In the spirit of gorgeous two-toned kitchens, I thought I would share some of my faves below. Two-tone can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common are different colours on uppers and lowers, or different colours on surrounding cabinets and the island. Either way, I think it's gorgeous! Enjoy!

Shades of Grey (& Metal):
by David Cafiero, via Lonny
by Artistic Designs for Living
by Meredith Heron
via Canadian House & Home
Pretty much the most perfect kitchen ever, by AyA Kitchen & Baths, via Canadian House & Home
Another view of the one above, by AyA Kitchen & Baths, via Canadian House & Home
by Natalie Cutler
High Contrast:
via The Kitchn
via Style at Home
via Better Homes & Garden
Another view of the kitchen above, via Better Homes & Gardens
Original source unknown, via Apartment 34
by Kenley Design Group
by Christa Lineberger, via Better Homes & Gardens
by Tommy Smythe
Wood Tones:
by Jeneration Interiors
by Notre Maison Design, via Desire to Inspire
by Erin Martin Design
via Better Homes & Gardens (who rarely seem to cite the designers...)
Pale, pale green by Madeline Stuart, via House Beautiful
One of my all-time favourites by Urban Grace Interiors
via Better Homes & Gardens
by Sarah Richardson Design

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