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This, That, & The Other Thing

Wednesday, December 5

So I've been absent. Again. I know. I have a backlog of project ideas and absolutely no time to do them lately. Hopefully that will change soon as I get acclimated to my new schedule. In the meantime, here's a little TT&TOT post to get you up to date with what's been occupying my (minimal) free time lately.

This website. Emergency compliments for when you're having a bad day ;)
This book review, found via a FB friend. I cried, I was laughing so hard. Mostly because I definitely read that book. And LOVED it. I really want him to review some more.
The fact that JBeib's mom looks like she's my age. I mean, I know she was a teen mom. BUT. STILL.

People who caption their pins on Pinterest with "Pin now, Read later." It honestly drives me NUTS. I realize that it shouldn't matter at all to me how other people caption their pins. I get that. But it's just so NONSENSICAL! Half of the time the pin doesn't even lead to where it's supposed to! WHY are you pinning something you've never read? You're never going to go back and "read later." It just doesn't happen. READ IT NOW. Decide if it's worth pinning. THEN, pin it. I know. I've given this way too much thought. I can't help it.

ROYAL BABY!!! And also, "Suri Cruise's" reaction to the royal enfant.
My Young House Love book!!!! I devoured it when it arrived. Lots of awesome ideas. A few questionable ones. But with 243 projects, there's bound to be a few ;) The material on the cover feels a little budget, but the contents MORE than make up for it!
As for what else, I've been up to - here's a quick recap via Instagram.
I wore these:
#ootd #shamelessselfies
And then, one of these beauties:
To this fabulous place for my favourite holiday event.
Experienced the wonder that is The Drawing Room with its exquisite drinks (and their exquisite price tags). This one was called 'Sun Through The Leaves Of The Poplar Trees." Obvi, I had to order it. Pretty much the best drink I've ever had.
 And spent a few Sunday afternoons like this, watching this and this.
And finally, on a much much more serious note - my best friend's momma is pretty sick right now. She's one of the strongest, smartest, and bravest ladies I know. She's raised two phenomenal kids all-the-way and is in the process of raising a pretty stellar third. She has a lot to fight for and could really use your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and anything else you're able to mentally aim her way. Life is precious. Don't forget it.

xo V

Update: Momma R is doing SO much better - she's going home! Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. It made a world of difference. xo

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