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Friday, February 22

A look at the week gone by...
Plaid and Stripes and Stella & Dot, oh my!
 A little birthday present all wrapped up in Rifle & Co.
The adorable inside cover of Grace Coddington's memoir.
A Saturday night spent blogging by the fire.
THIS HAPPENED. And obviously, we both FREAKED OUT.
Supplies for a little project inspired by none other than YHL, to be shared Monday.
The super fun paint job at the Benjamin Moore on Quinpool.
Amazing knobs and pulls at Lee Valley. MUST FIND A REASON TO USE LION.
And of course, you should always match your jewelry to your afternoon tea ;)

Hope you all had a fantastic week! xo


  1. Oh man, so much gorgeous stuff in this post! Definite eye-candy. And I'm totally jealous you live near Lee Valley. I used to get their catalogs in the mail; I'd probably go broke if I could actually walk in and hold the pretties in my hands.

  2. Haha, thanks! It was actually the first time I'd ever gone in! Definitely the kind of store you could spend HOURS in.


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