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Two Degrees from YHL

Thursday, February 14

As many of you know, I'm a pretty big fan of John & Sherry over at Young House Love. Their blog was one of the first I ever read - years ago, long before little Clara was even born. So needless to say, I was crazy pumped when their book came out. And although they didn't come to Hali on their book tour (shocking, right?!), I lucked out in my own little YHL shoutout, courtesy of my bestie, Erica, who lives in NYC. Today, Erica agreed to do a little guest blogging and share her experience of meeting our favourite blog rockstars.
They TOTALLY look like best friends, right?!?!
Hi there fellow GGSS reader! I'm so excited to be here to talk about my close encounter with the #superfamoustome Young House Love. One of the actual benefits of living in a big stinky city is that everyone always stops here during their concert tours, book tours, etc. I miss our hometown of Hali every single day - but John and Sherry's book tour visit to NYC made it a little bit worth it that day :)
So... on to the actual story. Well the story before the actual story, then. J & S were supposed to come here on the day (or day after?) our friend Hurricane Sandy decided to visit. While I was spoiled and didn't even lose power in my part of town, downtown got rocked.

This brings us to the rescheduled date in January - I actually called the FLOR store twice to make sure I was on the RSVP list #takingnorisks. I plotted and planned for a full week on how to get out of work early and raced to get my spot in line...except there was no line. I inched my way over to the group of ladies standing sort-of near the store. Within 5 minutes, I knew I was among my people #fellowYHLstalkers. Within 30 minutes, the line was down the street.

Fast foward past the panic realizing that V could not be facetimed into this situation and settling for a beautiful (V note: aww, besties are the best) picture of her instead. The first five people in line (us! I know! amazing!) were sent in and we met two of the most high energy, lovely "celebrities" that exist! They even made a little video for my dear V since she couldn't be there in person with me! My (50) pictures were taken, hugs were had, books were signed, and it was all over! I nearly/actually skipped all the way home.
Did I mention that Sherry totally tweeted me in response to my Instagram stalking pictures of the event? #nbd.
YHL stalking at its finest
Don't I have just the best bestie ever? She even got them to make this little video for me. Not gonna lie, definitely got a little emotional. (It's a little small because of the way blogger uploaded it, but you get the gist...)
Thanks for sharing, lady! You're the best.

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