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Tuesday, March 12

Ok, so this isn't design related. But it is awesome. So so awesome. And super easy. May I present to you... the DIY Magic Bag! (Or heating pad - I don't want to get sued...)
Did you have one of these growing up? We had the original "AS SEEN ON TV" magic bag and that thing was a lifesaver! For those of you who weren't fortunate enough to have first hand experience of what I'm talking about - a magic bag is basically a long beanbag filled with rice or oats. You heat it in the microwave for a few minutes and it acts as a heating pad. SO nice. When I was a kid, I always used them after skating. They're also great for your lower back if you've been standing all day or on the back of your neck when you're stressed. They excel at anything you'd using a heating pad for.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest ages ago - Bev self-identifies as a terrible seamstress, so I figured this DIY was probably within my abilities.

Here are my supplies:
I bought a fabric remnant from Fabricville (I think it was $4?), a 4lb bag of jasmine rice at the grocery store ($3?), and dug out some of my mom's old pins, thread, and sewing needles.

Then, I just followed Bev's instructions - First cut the fabric to size (obviously VERY straight).
Then, iron the fabric so it's nice and smooth.
Fold the fabric in half so the back of the fabric faces out.
Fold 2 of the 3 open sides over. Here, I ironed the seam to make it easier before I pinned it.
Then sew the two folded sides - sew from one end to the other and then all the way back (to fill in the gaps left by the thread - so there are no openings that the rice could slip through).
Once the sewing is done and the thread is knotted firmly, turn the fabric sleeve inside out. If I had done a better job of sewing in a straight line/sewing the corners, the corners of mine might be straight. These are not the things I care about.
Then fill the bag with rice! I poured the rice into a spouted measuring cup first, just to make it easier. The tutorial says to use 3lbs of rice but 4lbs seemed to work better for mine. Just use enough that it's filled but still has room to smoosh around - you want your magic bag to be pliable.
Once the rice is in, fold the open end inward, pin it, and sew it up! The seams on this end are visible, so be sure to use a thread you like.
And here's the finished product:
This whole thing took maybe 30 minutes and could easily be done while you're watching TV. And all together? Probably cost $4. I only used about 1/4 of my fabric, so some LUCKY friends/family may have their very own magic bag in their future. (I accept bribes of cookies and alcohol.) Also, I may be using mine right now. ADDICTED.

P.S. It heats for around three minutes in the microwave.

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