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Little Edie

Tuesday, March 5

Spy my new bag, lady friends! (Gentlemen friends are also welcome to take a look, but this MAY be of less interest to you, haha).
A few weeks ago, Roots gifted me this adorable little bag to try out and share with all of you! The Edie bag in Africa. This one is made with Tribe leather, which looks and feels a bit distressed and vintage. Very cool.
I've been using it practically every day since then, so I feel well qualified to report back to you. My verdict?

I love it!

The bag itself is super versatile. It can be worn over one shoulder or cross-body, and it's the perfect size to take with you shopping or for a night out. It is NOT large though. If you're the kind of person who shoves everything possible inside your purse, you may find it a little limiting. I'm guilty of constantly overstuffing my purse with things I don't really need and I actually found it pretty refreshing to use the Edie - it forced me to rethink what I was putting in my bag and go a bit more minimalistic. After all, I really don't need to bring two pairs of sunglasses, a snack, a water bottle, my laptop, 3 lipsticks, a notebook, a pile of receipts, and yesterday's jewelry everywhere with  me, do I? Instead, I've just had my wallet, my phone, my little point-and-shoot camera, my keys, and a single lipstick. There's plenty of room for all of that in the Edie, without the bag looking stuffed-to-the-gills.
Obviously, it's a Roots bag, so I don't need to go into excessive detail on the quality. I'll just say that it's really good - as to be expected. Plus, it's designed and made in Canada - who can hate on that??
Below are a few outfit photos with the Edie (Sorry for the terrible mirror photos! I didn't always have a photographer at the ready ;) And make sure you check back on Thursday, when I'll share photos of the gorgeous interior of the new Roots East Coast Flagship store on Spring Garden Road!

Thanks to Andrew & Laura for being my photographers ;)
As mentioned, this product was a gift from Roots - but all thoughts and comments are my own. I would never accept (or blog about) a product that I didn't feel comfortable supporting or believe was a good fit for this blog/my readers. Roots - the company, the store, and the product are all in line with my personal interests and values. 

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