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Superbly Spooky

Thursday, March 21

I use the corkboard behind my computer at work to display art. Is it perfectly framed? Not at all. But in this context, I'm not concerned. It gives me a little something pretty to see out of the corner of my eye while working at my computer, which makes working in a no-window office much more tolerable. (Don't worry - none of the tacks are poking holes in the prints!)
I've added a few new pieces since I first shared my office here, including one by Lisa Golightly of Kiki and Polly:
Team Victory.
Lisa's paintings and prints are absolutely beautiful... but they have a slightly spooky quality in that she rarely paints faces! I think this lends such an interesting facet to her work - you can almost insert the face of someone you know into the scene.

Here are a few of my favourites from her Etsy shop:
Grey Day.
Team Photo.
Four Men on a Bench.
Casting Shadows.
Red Striped Beach Blanket.
Mini Photobooth Print.
Night Swimmer.
Girl in the Yellow Suit.
You can find the Kiki and Polly Etsy shop here and website here.

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