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Skull & Bones

Tuesday, April 9

I love skulls. At one point or another, I've owned a skull t-shirt, skull earrings, several skull necklaces, and now - a skull dress.
iPhone. I know. I'm the worst.
I picked up this dress at Winners' last week - which was an event in and of itself - I never buy things at Winners'. I'm the worst at rifling through racks of clothing. I'm totally a scanner when I shop - I need to see the item out on display to buy it. I won't sort through piles (or racks of clothing). As luck would have it - this dress was on the front of a rack right by the entrance. I love how the cut and colour are elegant and feminine but the skulls toughen it up. I think it almost looks like a floral pattern at first glance.
Awkward pose FTW - Fashion Blogger, I am not.
I wore it to work last week, but as spring has only just started to arrive in Hali, I paired it with tights, boots, and a chambray shirt. I'm so excited for summertime, when I can wear this beauty all on its own!
Looking 'artfully' into the distance - or you know, at the neighbour's garbage can.
Classic blogger pose.
Another skull sartorial selection long on my covet list is the Alexander McQueen skull scarf, made famous by every PYT in Hollywood. Although it was once a trend, I think it's totally a classic now. (Or, maaaaaybe that's just me)
From here. I have no interest in that tacky pink one but the cream scarf slays me.
Another awesome skull scarf are these hand-painted silk versions by Crrysstall on Etsy:

Here are a few of my favourite skull looks:
Skull loafers! (Click on the link to see them up close).
On a related note - although I'm not much for skull print in interiors, every time I'm at the liquor store, I'm tempted to buy the miniature bottle of Crystal Head vodka - just because I want to use the little bottle as a bud vase! (I don't even like vodka.)
Maybe I was a pirate in a former life.

P.S. Linking up with Style Elixir today for Style Sessions!


  1. What a cool dress! I love how you paired it with the denim top. :)

    1. Thanks Lili! A cold-weather necessity, haha

  2. Cute outfit! Please stop by my site at when you have some time. I'm giving away a signature bracelet seen on celebrities by Henri Lou.


  3. I'm not really a skull print person but all this inspiration is kinda making me want something. That dress is fabulous on you!

  4. Eek! Love the kardashian look b I love the Kardashians :-)
    My fav is the gray skull long shirt. Super super cute!
    Stopping by from the linkup

  5. I think I may need to splurge on that scarf!

    1. Doooo it! And then do an outfit post so I can live vicariously through you, haha.


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