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Friday, May 17


Two weeks in a row with no music. For shame. And I know this is old, but I just remembered it the other day and forgot how funny it was. Worth a view, promise.

 ON MY MIND: I'm sure many of you have already heard of it. If not, do yourself a favour and go there now. Enter your twitter/blog/etc and prepare for amazingness.

This chandelier. Do you die?! Do you DIY?! (groaaaan). Must try.

Although the flower is not really my jam, I'm loving this casual look from Krystin.

And these girls are seriously making me wish I could pull off lace or leather shorts.

Halifax SERIOUSLY needs something as cool as this.

This Instagram. That kid. OMG.

DIY Floral Hairpieces. End of story.


Did you go to Open City? We sure did ;)
 Carnations aren't my thing, but my Mama loves them. And what Mama wants, Mama gets.
 Went on a little impromptu garden tour in the backyard and spotted these pretty flowering branches.
And that's it for me! Have a fantastic long weekend, and if you're running/spectating the Bluenose Marathon, enjoy!!!

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