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Mixed and Matched and Moody

Wednesday, May 29

FYI: For some reason the photos in this post are distorted on the mobile version. If you're on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "View web version" to see the post as it was intended. Sorry about that! And now back to our regularly scheduled post...

In keeping with yesterday's pattern-mixing style post, I thought I'd share some of my favourite pattern-mixing interiors. Even more so than with an outfit, mixing patterns in interiors adds layers of depth and interest to a room. When done right, I think pattern-mixing is almost essential to decorating.

A moody pattern-mixing dining room I designed:
Moody Pattern Mixing Dining Room
  1. Jewel-toned floral drapes, paired with my favourite bamboo blinds.
  2. Industrial meets modern sideboard.
  3. Glitzy chandelier from Attica.
  4. Gorgeous moody painting by David Lloyd, for above the sideboard.
  5. Intricate floor lamp from Attica.
  6. Anthropologie chairs for the head and foot of the table, upholstered in a rich navy fabric.
  7. Lucite IKEA chairs on either side of the table.
  8. Rustic meets modern dining table.
  9. And a lively gold and cream polka-dot rug.
Image Sources: NYTimes, Elements of Style (Original Source Unknown), Eddie Ross, Design Sponge, Tommy Smythe, Michelle Adams, Catherine Kwong, Lily, Clairborne Swanson Frank via Simply Smitten Blog, Decor8.

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