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Eye (Phone) Candy

Thursday, June 6

As I mentioned on Monday, we stumbled across the most amazing design store when we were on PEI last weekend - Cottage Industry.
This store, you guys. If ever a store looked like the inside of my brain, it was this one. I could go on and on about every little detail, but you really need to see for yourself.
Cottage Industry is located on Grafton St., one block from the Confederation Centre.

Not sponsored. Just adored.


  1. Thank you so much for this awesome post Vanessa! We're totally flattered and very happy to hear you enjoyed your visit. Definitely come back and say hi next time your on our Island.
    Jenn from Cottage Industry

  2. YOU'RE on our Island...too early, not enough coffee ;)

  3. Thanks, Vanessa... Cottage Industry is a real GEM and we are very fortunate to have their impeccable taste within or fair city.I don't get to browse as often as I'd like and so this little photo expose was a real treat!!


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