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Laundry Love

Wednesday, July 10

As far as chores go, doing laundry is probably my favourite. Laundry room design, however, seems to be last on people's list. How many people do laundry in an unfinished basement? Given that the laundry room is a space where many people spend a considerable amount of time, I think it deserves a little love. 

Here's what I would do if I had a laundry space of my own:

Laundry Room
  1. Cork flooring, a marble basketweave backsplash behind the w/d, and a black soapstone countertop over the w/d for folding.
  2. Mason jar liquid dispensers make for much prettier laundry soap containers
  3. Brass flush mount light for the whole room and a pair of Edison bulbs for over the w/d.
  4. Ralph Lauren's Galapagos fabric for drapes.
  5. Chalkboard clock from Joy & Revelry.
  6. Vintage wooden crates for storing supplies.
  7. A graphic floral rug from Home Mint.
  8. Silver energy efficient washer and dryer.
  9. Streamline hooks from Anthropologie.
  10. Freestanding laundry sink with brass wall-mount faucet.
  11. Decker bookshelf from Anthropologie for storing your crates of supplies.
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