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Monday, August 26

If you tuned in last Monday, you may have noticed that we hung a vintage crate on my friend, Victoria's kitchen wall.  
The crate is somewhat of a family heirloom for Vic and she wanted it displayed so that they could regularly see it - rather than having it shoved in a corner next to the couch. 
I suggested mounting it to the wall and using it to display some of their cookbooks, like so:
It was pretty easy to mount - just two screws through the upper corners and one in the middle base. I would recommend ensuring that the bottom (or the side when it's upright) is sturdy, if you plan to put anything inside of the crate. Not all vintage crates are still in great shape and you don't want your items crashing to the floor after all of your hard work. 
I love the look of vintage crates. Every antique store visit is punctuated by long loving stares as I try to think where I could use a crate.
In Vic's old place, we used it to store blankets between two chairs in her front window.
You could also use a larger one (or two smaller crates stacked on top of each other) as a side table.
You could stack a whole bunch of crates and turn them into a makeshift bookcase. (Although, I would recommend attaching them to the wall as well). 
You could use them as storage under a table or bed.
You could make makeshift plant boxes.
Or toy storage.
Or countertop coffee storage.
Use them as bar storage for non-refrigerated bevies.
Add castors and display magazines.
Flip them over, cut circular holes, and use them as pet bowl stands.
Or get super crafty and deconstruct the boxes to use them as stairs!
Do you have any creative uses for vintage crates?


  1. I'm loving this! Specifically the pet bowl holders and TV stand storage solutions.

    1. Thanks Ashley! Crates are so versatile, aren't they??

  2. I need some crates and castors ASAP! The toy box and magazine storage are great ideas. I've been using baskets but these would be a nice alternative!


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