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Eye (Phone) Candy

Monday, August 12

On our way to camp at Five Islands on Saturday, we passed by a trio of the cutest little antique stores in Great Village. It only seemed fitting to kick off the week with a little eye candy - vintage style.
Loved this piece - if it was just a couple of inches deeper, it would make a great wine rack for a wine cellar! 
This one was a little more rustic but with a little tweaking could also make an awesome wine rack. Anyone know what their original purpose might have been?
 Big rustic island.
 Slightly smaller island, perfect for a country kitchen.
 I loved how delicate these chairs looked. Sturdy but petite.
 Another view.
I think these must have been theatre seats? I'd reupholster a pair of them in distressed leather - whiskey or coffee - for really cool occasional seating.
So many street signs. One of these would make an awesome addition to a gallery wall.
I really liked this sailboat painting. It was HUGE. Even if you don't love the art inside, vintage stores are a great place to look for large frames. You can perk them up with a fresh coat of a paint and use it for whatever you'd like!
 Someday, every doorknob in my house will be vintage glass...
These looked like some kind of railing or fence - but I thought that with a fresh coat of paint, they could make a really great ornate headboard.
Just an old brick now. But with a coat of fun spray paint (I'd obviously go for gold), you've got an interesting looking doorstop!
 This trophy would make a fun addition to a bookshelf or mantle.
 As would these vintage shoe forms.
 I love weathered old bottles as flower vases.
 This set of cobalt glass bottles would be beautiful sitting on a windowsill. 
And lastly, this yellow Depression glass pitcher. Perfect for ice tea or for a pack of poesies.

What do you think? Any favourites?

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  1. I love vintage glass lovely. Great finds!


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