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Room Therapy

Wednesday, August 28

If you stopped by last week, you may remember that my bestie, Erica, and her boyfriend are in the midst of a little apartment revamp. Last week we tackled their living/dining area. This week we're working on their bedroom! Here's what it looks like now:
According to Erica, everything can go but the bed and the jewelry holder she made out of an old rake (remind me to show you that close up sometime! SO cool). Her only request was that she wanted this striped grey duvet cover:
Not a hard request to accommodate! Through later discussions with Erica, I ended up designing three mood boards, each slightly different. Here's what I came up with:

Option 1:

Erica's Bedroom (1)
A navy linen headboard with nailhead trim (DIY'd like I did in this post), white sheets, the illustrious grey striped duvet cover, and an assortment of textured pillows. A large grey and white patterned rug for under the bed. Matching grey-brown side tables with navy geode knobs and textured white lamps. A grey-brown and white lacquer dresser and a wicker occasional chair. A round mirror to mount off-centre above the dresser. Finished off with seaside art from EyePoetryPhotography and accessories from H&M's new home line.

Option 2:

Erica's Bedroom (2)
Same headboard, bed linens, rug, accessories, and art. A pair of campaign-style side tables and a coordinating dresser. A pair of warm wood lamps. A rattan chair with an additional pillow.

Option 3:

Erica's Bedroom (3)
Same headboard, bed linens, pillows, rug, dresser, and art. A pair of lacquered campaign-style side tables, compelte with blue gourd lamps. A lightweight grey occasional chair.

And herein lies our trouble - now Erica can't decide which one she likes best! So - can you help a girl out? Vote for your favourite below!

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  1. I'm loving option 3 because it looks more modern :) Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your vote, Ashley! Number 3 definitely seems to be the favourite!

  2. I love Option 1! It seems like all of the pieces flow together a bit more seamlessly in that set.

    ♥Emma, from It's Emma Elise


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