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Mirror Mirror

Thursday, September 12

I alluded to this mirror ages ago but completely forgot to share it! Super Dad mounted it to the wall for me the weekend before last and ta-da! Even more reflective surfaces in my bedroom!
I knew that I wanted something simple and inexpensive that would easily mesh with the rest of the room. It took several weeks of shopping around but I hit the jackpot at Home Sense....
Simple, classic. Nice thick metal frame. And all for the low low price of $29.99! The only problem? It's technically an 'over-the-door' mirror, so it didn't come with the proper hardware for hanging on the wall. It was a fairly easy fix though - we (cough*SuperDad*cough) just used wall-mounting hardware instead.
Now I can stop taking #ootd (that's 'outfit of the day' for you non-narcissistic, non-blogger/instagram types) selfies in random locations and commence taking them in my room. Like a civilized blogger.

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