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Be Our Guest

Wednesday, October 9

As some of you may know, I'm in the process of moving all of my earthly possessions out of my parent's house (more on that here), so that I can cohabitate with the boyfriend. VERY exciting stuff. In addition to the exciting lovey-dovey romance and rainbows aspect of this new development, there's also the super exciting EIGHT new rooms to design aspect! I'll be sharing details of the process as I go, but to start, I thought I'd share the mood board I've created for our soon-to-be guest bedroom (affectionately known as 'the ironing room' at present). My bestie and her beau are coming this weekend and crashing with us on Friday night - making this room a priority. Although it won't reach this point by the weekend (Sorry, E!) - this is the direction I think we're heading. 
Guest Bedroom Moodboard
The headboard and throw are from my current bedroom and the curtains were ones we planned to use in the upstairs living room before we changed our minds. Rug is Overstock, pillows and clock are Indigo (pillows here and here), lamps are Target, curtain rod is Sears, art is Eye Poetry Photography, and coasters are Anthropologie.  Although not in the mood board, these are the two side tables we plan to use. This one, constructed by the boyfriend (Isn't he handy?!):
Just in need of a drawer pull and some styling.
And this one, which is a much-loved remnant from my single girl apartment:
So what do you think? Want to come stay for a visit?
Note: The boyfriend is now concerned that people may actually want to come for a visit.


  1. Love the mix of these elements! I just bought a pair of lamps on my first trip to a Canadian Target - they've quite the selection! That's a great rug too.

    1. Thanks so much, Fiona! I know - we just got Target in Halifax and I was in there last night trying to convince myself not to buy ALLTHELAMPS

  2. I loooove your single-girl-apartment table! Super cute.

    We really need to get going on some of our home plans now that the wedding is over and we actually have time to think of other things :P

    1. Thanks Ashley! It's from HomeSense like 3 years ago. I totally didn't need it and convinced myself of that. Left the store. Thought about it for the next 24 hours. Went back and, thankfully, it was still there! Meant to be ;)

      And congrats on the wedding!!! I hope your day turned out just as amazing as you imagined :)

    2. Oh man! It was AMAZING! I cannot explain how great it was - I may have twerked on one too many people...but I think it's been forgiven :P We have a few gift cards for HomeSense and I'm super siked to shop for cute things.


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