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Danger. Zombies. Run.

Thursday, October 24

With the exception of Christmas, I'm not usually much for holiday decorations. Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, "Fall" in general - I'd really rather not. I find that, for the most part, seasonal decorations are ridiculously overpriced for how long they're used and often really tacky, which detracts from the decor you worked so hard to achieve. I know, I sound like such an uptight grinch, haha. And when I have kids, I'll probably change my tune completely. But for now... not my thing. So imagine my surprise when I spent my Tuesday evening constructing a life-size zombie. See, the boyfriend's work was doing a little Halloween decorating competition... and I do love a competition ;) And much to my surprise, it was actually pretty dang fun to make. And I think he looks awesome. But I'm still not decorating my house.
Sweet Dreams ;)


  1. This is great! I can almost guarantee that no one at my work will show up in the Halloween spirit. Womp womp. I do have to say that I lovelovelove their office chairs. We have very similar ones, and I find the backs on them are soooo comfortable.

    1. Oh really? The boyfriend liked the idea of getting them for our home office too... but I vetoed that idea because I don't love the look... maybe I should have sat in it while we were there, haha.

  2. Yeah. The ones we have are the Generation ones by Knoll, and if I ever take the plunge and freelance to freedom, I will be investing in one of these chairs for the sake of my lower back.


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