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Dine By Design East

Monday, October 7

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to volunteer and help out at Dine By Design East here in Halifax. The event was sponsored by East Coast Living and paired 10 designers with 10 chefs with the ultimate goal of designing 10 dining rooms and 10 mini 3-course meals. All to fund design scholarship at NSCAD.

The rooms were phenomenal. (As apparently were the meals.) I snapped a bunch of photos to share with you of some of my favourite parts. (Forgive the flash - I'm not yet good enough at manual mode to take photos without it.)

First up is this gorgeous Parisian kitchen/dining room by Janice of Signature Design Resource. How stunning are those robin's egg cabinets?
 Janice actually made this wallpaper using sketches from the lining of a book jacket! 
And these stunning floors, which were actually huge tiles made to look like loads of little bitty tiles.
This next room was designed by the owners of Attica and uses all pieces from their store. We've been drooling over that table for months, so it was neat to see it in this mid-century modern room.
Love those Jonathan Adler vessels. And the wall sculptures had serious impact in person.  
 The mural felt almost like you were looking out really huge windows.
This next design comes from Heather Waugh-Pitts. I couldn't manage to photograph it in a way that did it justice but it was ALL drama. I was in love with that painting and the antlers.
 As well as this copper chair. Gimme.
M Home designed this acid flash space, using my very favourite design classic of a table and a credenza reminiscent of my dresser!
NSCAD also had a booth, featuring a ton of pottery, art, and these adorable mini chairs:
Goldsworthy Design Group created this space to function as a library/dining room. It felt very cozy in person - somewhere you could curl up for hours reading or chatting after dinner.
Bruce Norman of Norman Flynn designed this glam dining room, which was completely enshrouded by velvet drapes. 
 I think my favourite part was this severe lady overlooking it all.
One of my favourite aspects of the room from Lydon Lynch Architects were these wood block benches, which sat on beds of glass-topped moss!
And lastly, my very favourite dining room was this aquatic space from Jonathan Legate. The colours are more muted in this first photo than they appeared in person - dang lighting. How insane is that Fornasetti wallpaper?
In love with that chandelier. 
White ash floors in an interesting chevron pattern. 
Check out the back of that hand-carved chair - whale tales! 
All in all, a very fun event. I'll definitely check it out again next year!

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  1. Canada has got some seriously great talent here! Love that chandelier!


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