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Green Thumb

Monday, October 28

I moved a few new friends into our place this weekend...
I've been wanting a Fiddle Leaf Fig for AGES. They're really hard to find around here but I stumbled upon one this weekend and immediately snatched it up. 
Isn't it gorgeous?! 
My undergrad roommates are probably laughing right now, given how many plants I managed to neglect to the point of extinction back then. But I've changed! I've kept an orchid alive for almost THREE months. I'm practically Mother Nature. 
To take advantage of my newfound green thumb, I also picked up this little Pothos for the top of the liquor locker. 
I wanted something that would eventually trail down the side of the locker AND something resilient because that spot gets very little light. I'm not sure if this variety of Pothos will do well there, but I'm hopeful. I couldn't resist the pretty variegated leaves.

They both still need pots but I have a few ideas of what I'd like to use. So, any tips on keeping these beauties alive? I've heard that you have to water them or something. Plants are SO needy.

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  1. I kill everything toooo! But I have had a few plants now for a few months! it is a miracle! i suggest water. Maybe singing songs to them


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