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Pillow Story

Wednesday, November 13

I've long been a fan of favouring classic and neutral when it comes to large pieces of furniture. Although I wouldn't ever describe my own style as neutral, choosing neutral investment pieces allows you to go crazy with the less expensive bits, like pillows, paint, and accessories. That way, as your mood/style changes, you can switch things up without having to invest in a whole new sofa. This Ellyson sofa from Crate & Barrel is the perfect neutral grey. I thought it might be fun to style it up a few different ways with pillows to see what kind of different looks we could create. Also - I should probably preface this whole post by saying that I LOVE pillows. As long as they're overstuffed and cushy, the more, the merrier, I say.)

Who says neutral can't have a little glitz? 
Here, I stuck to creams and greys, but added a little shimmer and pattern. 
[Pillows from left: West Elm, West Elm, Furbish]

I think when most people think nautical, they go for stripes, compasses, and images of sailboats. Maybe it's because I live on the ocean, but for me, layered shades of blue evoke images of a stormy sea.
[Pillows from left: Shoppe, Shoppe, Furbish, Furbish, Shoppe, Furbish]
This one may be my very favourite.
Fun and lively with loads of pattern and texture, a little leopard, and cheerful colours.
[Pillows from left: West Elm, Furbish, West Elm, Anthropologie,
West Elm, Anthropologie, Anthropologie]

Which look is your fave?


  1. Nice one! I'm lovin' number 3 - Eclectic.

    1. Thanks Melissa! That's my favourite too, haha.


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