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O Christmas Tree

Monday, December 23

This year is our first joint Christmas tree. I grew up in a house with a really elegant Christmas tree. All white lights. Coordinated gold ornaments. With just a few mismatched sentimental ornaments that always seemed to get moved to the back ;) And I LOVED it. No exaggeration. I know that many people are all about the coloured lights and handmade ornaments - and I may be too when there are kids around - but for now? I love a beautifully put-together tree. 
We combined our ornament stashes and once we'd pulled together all of our favourites and looked at the fillers we had on hand, it was immediately apparent to me that this year called for an earth-toned tree with a little sparkle. Gold, silver, greens, and browns. 
So I present to you our sparkly earthy star-filled tree:
In the spirit of being real-life honest, I must confess that the tree no longer looks quite as luminescent... Approximately half of the lights on the tree burnt out. And taking them off the tree and replacing them with new lights (which I'd have to go out and buy) just seems like too much work for vacation. Soooo, it's staying as is. Real life, you guys. No pretending here.


  1. The Learner ObserverDecember 23, 2013 3:36 pm

    1. I love that we titled our posts (almost) the same thing!
    2. Your tree is super chic and the coordination so, so, SO works!!!!
    3. Who cares if the lights went out? The lights on mine are not evenly placed and there's a gap that looks totally unlit. I couldn't even bring myself to fix it...

  2. Ha! I didn't even notice that! And thank you!! I love how it turned out - so great when random bits actually work well together. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!! xo


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