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Extended Holiday

Wednesday, January 29

Given that we were going to see each other in person in January, my besties (who live in New York and Toronto) and I decided to wait to exchange our Christmas gifts. This made for a pretty awesome extended holiday season this year, and I wanted to share a few of the new treats I received. They know me pretty well ;)
This gold tortoise shell box from Target (!!!) I mean, REALLY. It's so perfect. If you read this blog regularly (as someone obviously does, haha), you may recognize it from last week's mood board. I haven't decided where I want to keep it yet... thinking it might be perfect for #OperationOffice.
(Print is one of many I own by Clare Elsaesser; Chalice is vintage; 'Thank You' cards are Target)
ALSO in last week's mood board was a ceramic white egg carton! I've been wanting one of these for the final phase of my jewelry storage plan. As you may remember, I devised this contraption for storing my necklaces and bracelets (which is still going strong!) but I still needed somewhere to stash my rings and earrings. Love how they look here.
(V is old Anthropologie; Egg Carton is Fishs Eddy; Perfume is Burberry Brit Sheer and Tocca Cleopatra)

And of course, being the leopard and tortoiseshell fanatic that I am, these beauties have already made their way into my daily rotation.
(Clutch and Compact Mirror are Indigo)

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