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Operation Office: Choosing the Rug

Wednesday, January 15

While I’m working away on this…
I’ve also been doing a little internet searching for this:
Operation Office: Choosing the Rug
As you can probably tell (uh… Vanessa, why did you post 8 almost identical rugs?), I have a pretty good sense of what I’m looking for. I want something that evokes a vintage library feel but I don’t have the funds to purchase something super authentic, like we did for our living room. I’ve been scouring Rugs USA and Overstock to find something I like for a more affordable price. The hardest part is weeding through the affordable-but-looks-cheap to find the affordable-but-looks-good. 

If you’ve got a line on similar style rugs that won’t cost me my first-born, let me know!

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