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Put A Lid On It

Tuesday, January 7

I stole this green toque from my dad. I guess, technically, he gave it to me. In that way that dads do ("You like it? It's yours.") It's probably 25 years old. I'm calling it vintage.
I don't always brush my hair.
I also got these sweet sweet Hunters for Christmas and I haven't even minded the rain because I love wearing them so much.
I'm also sporting a new snood (what a word!) from Indigo and cozy fingerless gloves that were also a Christmas gift.
The End.
Leggings (Lulu)
Denim shirt (H&M; old)
Coat (TNA)
Boots (Hunter)
Bag (Melie Bianco, old)
Toque ("vintage")
Snood (Indigo)
Gloves (Gift)
Sunnies (Ray-Ban)

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