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Assortment of Art

Wednesday, February 19

I've had a stack of art to be framed for ages. Most of it is for the gallery wall I want to build in our bedroom. I was worried about some of the pieces getting bent, so I finally set out to get it all framed - even if hanging the gallery wall isn't my focus just yet. (Operation Office, full steam ahead!) I still have a few more pieces to add in, but here's a sneak peek of what it's looking like so far:
P.S. Ever wonder how to put together a gallery wall? Everyone has a slightly different technique, but here's what I prefer:
I use graph paper to cut out mini versions (to scale) of each of the pieces I want to use (one square = one inch), label them (or draw mini pictures if you're especially talented!) and arrange them on a blank sheet of paper until I like the layout! Super simple and much less hassle than trial and error with hammers and nails. Of course, you have to use your imagination when it comes to balancing colours and visual weight - but overall a pretty simple process!

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