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Operation Office: The Desk

Wednesday, February 26

You guys, I’m in love. With a piece of wood. Multiple pieces, actually. Antique wood. This beauty:
Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! I’ve been intermittently stalking Kijiji for the past few months (which is the least efficient way to find something on there, BTW), looking for a vintage wooden table with loads of character. I almost pulled the trigger on several other tables but nothing felt quite right. When I stumbled on this gem, I was SO glad I waited!
It has this lovely scalloped detail on the base, plenty of room for both of our computers on top and both of our feet underneath, and I love the colour of the wood. So warm in this room full of cool tones. It's a little scratched up in places but personally, I kinda like the charm of it.
We still need to figure out how to deal with lighting/layout of the desk, as our existing task lamp is looking a little awkward with my massive iMac… and also figure out chairs, rug, curtains, bookcase, and overhead lighting… but PROGRESS! Such beautiful beautiful progress!

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