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Legitimately Cute Mousepads

Tuesday, March 18

I've honestly had the hardest time finding a mousepad. I've been looking for one since I first got my iMac, over a year ago  The main problem has been that it's tough to find something I actually like! When I do a google search for "best mousepads", I get super ugly ergonomic (or whatever you'd call a mousepad) mousepads. When I do a google search for "cutest mousepads", I get super cutesy monogramed/chevroned hideousness. When I do a google search for "coolest mousepads", I get really bizarre and not particularly functional mousepads. (How many times can I say mousepad in one paragraph?) Back when I started this search, I turned to my faithful Etsy but, at the time, the pickings were just as slim. I tried a Pinterest DIY but it was an epic fail (and would have resulted in Sharpie all over my beautiful white mouse).

So, I've used a notepad as a mousepad for the past year and a half but it's never really done the job properly. And now that we have this awesome new desk, I'm noticing that the mouse has been causing a few scratches when it's not on the notepad and I definitely don't want that to continue. So my search was reinvigorated.

I stuck to Etsy this go, and as luck would have it, found some amazing mousepads! So to save you the tedious search that I went through, I rounded up a few of my faves to share with you...

Legitimately Cute Mousepads
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Do you have a fantastic mousepad? I'm still searching for mine, so let me know!

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