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Trend Trunk

Thursday, May 8

Have you heard of Trend Trunk? I only recently discovered the site – which is Canadian, btw – and it’s kindof awesome. It’s basically like Kijiji or Craigslist but for clothes. Nice clothes. Clothes you actually want to buy. So when they approached me about being part of Blogger Fashion Week, I couldn’t resist. Trend Trunk is featuring my closet today, which you can shop riiiight here!

It’s pretty neat. For buyers, there are no extra shipping fees – the price you see is what you pay. For sellers, Trend Trunk handles all the shipping. They email you a package slip, which you tape to the front of the box and then you just have to drop it off at Canada Post. EASY. Like, it took me 30 seconds.

And it actually seems to work! I sold an old Coach bag (in primo condition because I NEVER used it) within 30 minutes of posting it! There are so many wins here: A) I won’t miss it because I never used it so it just sat, sad and lonely, in my closet, B) It’s in great shape, so someone should get to enjoy it, and C) I made a little cheddar off the whole deal. So good.

In the past, I’ve taken bags and bags of nice clothes in perfectly good condition to Goodwill. And that’s still awesome, and likely what I’ll do with anything that doesn’t sell – but some of the items I donated were really nice barely-worn items that I was just too lazy to do anything about. Trend Trunk makes it crazy easy AND you don’t have to feel bad that you’re no longer donating your clothes to charity because…. You can donate a portion of your sale (up to 100%) to the charity of your choice! A portion of my closet sales are going to Laing House, which is an amazing organization for youth with mental illness here in Halifax.

If you’d like to shop my closet, you can find it here.

Happy Shopping!

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