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Apple, Appropriately.

Tuesday, June 10

If you've been reading for awhile, you may remember this poster from Pop Chart Lab that illustrates the many iterations in Apple's illustrious history.

I gifted it to the (tech-geek) boyfriend last year and after we made a frame for it (see here), we hung it in the bedroom because it really didn't seem to fit in our main living space. But the bedroom wasn't exactly the right spot for a vibrantly coloured geometric ode to technology either... so the poster was eventually replaced with my "little" typography art project from last month (see here). Now, it seems we've finally found the perfect spot for this piece:

In the office! Uh, obviously. I can't believe it took so long to move it. I think the delay was because I honestly wasn't really sure where to put it in the office, given that our 4 walls were already spoken for (by windows, our degrees, the bookcase, and a chalkboard wall).

After a little brainstorming, I came to the realization that we don't really use the ENTIRE chalkboard wall, so why not hang some art in the little corner over the chair and make this space look intentional. We rarely use the door behind the chair - it stores gift wrap, board games, etc. - so this is the perfect reading spot.

We have a few more tweaks to make to this corner (plus, you know, the whole rest of the office), including adding an interesting lamp (like this one) to the bookshelf for reading, swapping out that too large side table for something smaller (a place to rest your caffeine whilst perusing your tomes, of course), and a little footstool. I had my heart set on this one from Target but it's sold out everywhere. If you're local and find one - please let me know!

I'm liking how things are starting to come together! And I just realized that the colours on the bookshelf pick up on the colours in the poster. #AlmostlikeIplannedit

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