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Conference Couture

Tuesday, September 9

With BlogPodium fast approaching, I thought it most important to scheme up the proper attire for a day of aesthetically-pleasing inspiration, knowledge acquisition, and amusement. I'm going for casual and classic with just a hint of edge.

Are you going? Have you figured out what you're wearing yet??

Update: I've had a few requests about where the different pieces are from - so sorry I didn't share earlier. Totally slipped my mind! 

Blazer (H&M)
Skinny Jeans (American Eagle)
Tee (Balmain; Although this one is gorgeous, my version is an $8 Target find)
Bag (Foley & Corinna; The photo above is an approximation of my bag, which is discontinued from Melie Bianco)
Suede Booties (Ash Footwear; Again, an approximation of my booties, which are discontinued Old Navy)
Tansy Fringe Collar Necklace (Stella & Dot)
Arrow Bangle (Stella & Dot)
Tortoiseshell Watch (Fossil)


  1. absolutely LOVE it! looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Love this! I'm still unsure what I'll be rocking but I better step it up ;)


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