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Love Fern

Friday, September 26

Remember back when I painted this pot? It was supposed to be for the fiddle leaf fig or the snake plant but they both were immensely happier in other homes in other parts of the house, which left this pot empty and sad in the corner of our living room. It’s not particularly bright over there. I mean, it’s not terrible; there are patio doors right there. But it’s definitely not tropical. And I wanted to leave the pot there because it’s (not-so-cleverly) hiding the massive subwoofer that boys insist on owning. Well… that once-sad pot finally has a new tenant:

This delightful little Boston Fern. I read that ferns can handle a bit of low light and I love how voluminous he is. Really goes the extra mile toward hiding that dang subwoofer ;)

I picked it up at Kent last week (they have tons of tropical plants, if you’re in the market). It was $15 for a hanging basket and I just popped the hanging part off before dropping it into the pot.

I’m pretty pleased with it all, to tell you the truth. Now, if I can just figure out how to keep it alive…

P.S. Name that movie ;)


  1. Love ferns! I added some to an outdoor planter this year and they're still going strong!

    1. That's awesome, Amelia! Hopefully this gorgeous weather keeps up and they'll stick around a bit longer :)


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