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Dear Santa

Monday, December 8

1. Photos of people you love go a long way toward making a house feel like a home. I'm obsessed with Target's display options, like this gorgeous frame. (Target - in store, $13) 

2. As great as iPhones and Instagram are, there's something so fun about having an actual photo you can immediately display. Coveting the adorable white Fujifilm Instax. (Indigo, $99)

3. We're on a constant coaster hunt in this house, so having a few more dispersed around our main rooms would make things MUCH easier. And it doesn't hurt when they're easy on the eyes like these marble beauties. (Indigo, $24.50)

4. A friend posted this scarf on Facebook and my jaw dropped. I NEED IT. The perfect plaid combo. (Le Chateau, $45)

5. These earrings are like a dimmer switch for glam. You can wear them at 3 different lengths - all the way down to studs! (Stella & Dot, $64)

6. I already own this headband in hat form (and LOVE it - it's so soft!) - but this headband version for ponytail/top knot days would be super useful! (Indigo, $16.50)

7. We took a workshop at Patch Halifax a few months ago and I've totally caught the sewing bug. Love how compact and portable sewing machines are these days. (Amazon, $152)

8. This molten gold polish from Essie is SO festive! Although I could do without the name ('Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo'...uh what?). (Shoppers - in store, $12)

9. What's Christmas without a new book to delve into between gifts and nosh? Although technically for "young adults", I've heard that We Were Liars is amazing. (And don't we all love YA books, anyway? I mean, REALLY.) And Remodelista has been on my wishlist for awhile now. Definitely a classic design tome. (Indigo, $14 and $30 respectively) 

10. From the same line as the marble coasters (and matching a cutting board I already own) is this stunning cake plate. So unique. (Indigo, $45)

What's on your wishlist this year?

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