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The Gift Mix

Tuesday, December 23

gold black and white wrapped presents

Are you obsessed with matching your gift wrap to your decor? Are you determined to match your gift wrap to your other gift wrap? Do you shun curling ribbon in favour of fabric ribbon? Do you know the difference between curling ribbon and fabric ribbon? Do you search 3 different stores on the hunt for holiday tags, only to give up and DIY your own because nothing is perfect? Do you rewrite the tags if your handwriting is at all messy? 

Christmas tree

... No? ...Just me then.

gold black and white wrapped presents

I LOVE gift wrapping. My mom and I always did it together growing up. We still gift wrap together at one of the malls for charity every Christmas Eve morning. It's one of my favourite holiday traditions. So, obviously, I think A LOT about gift wrap. I mean, not a weird amount in general. Like, I'm not contemplating holiday gift wrap in July or anything. But I care about it. After all, the wrapped gifts sit under your tree for awhile. They should look nice! And if you're crazy like me, you want them to coordinate with your decor while they sit there. Cough cough.

gold black and white gift wrap in crate

So this year, I went for a combo of ornate black & gold, gold stripes, and white & gold polka dots. (Never mind the tree needles sprinkled throughout the presents... I think it adds a nice authentic touch ;) Also, be warned that sparkly ribbon is prone to spreading the love wherever it touches....)

gold black and white wrapped presents

I love how it's festive but doesn't scream THESE ARE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Which, I get, a lot of people want to do. But I prefer holiday decor (and wrapped gifts count as decor) that feels classy and cozy, but isn't too "themey". I like the thought that I could pull out some of our holiday elements at other times of year (e.g., parties, fancy dinners) so they get more use! But again, maybe that's just me...

gold black and white wrapped presents

Are you hardcore traditional with your holiday decor? Or do you prefer a more subtle approach, like we do?

gold black and white wrapped presents

You can check out my other holiday decorations here and here. Black paper is from Target last year. Gold paper and polka dot paper are from Home Sense this year. Ribbon is from Michael's this year.

gold black and white wrapped presents

Oh, and in case you're in need of a super inexpensive tree skirt - ours is literally 2 metres of fabric from the sale section that cost a total of $6. It's a cream colour with gold thread running through - festive but subtle. Again, my MO. I just swagged it around the base of the tree. Easiest ever.

christmas tree with inexpensive DIY tree skirt


  1. So pretty! If only you could keep it out year round. Merry Christmas!


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