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Forward Momentum

Thursday, January 22

I'm pretty sad about Target. I mean, I don't feel sad for the corporation that they failed (which someone seemed to think was the reason why everyone was talking about Target on Twitter... uh no). No, their failure was their own fault. They weren't prepared, they didn't do their research on a Canadian market, and they didn't adapt or change when things clearly weren't working. That's on them. But I'm sad for me. There aren't that many places around here that you can get beautifully designed home decor for an affordable price. HomeSense can be great - but it can also be junky. And Target? Target's design aesthetic just spoke to me. It's been an awesome resource for styling and design. The perfect spot to pick up accent pieces. A lot of our house is from Target. And a decent amount of my clients' homes are accessorized by Target. But alas, no more. Anyway, I was super bummed last Thursday when they announced they were closing up shop in Canada. It sucks. So, I headed out to Target after work to grab a few things that I had been eyeing but not yet bought. Yes, I could have waited for the liquidation sales, but I cared more about being able to find the items I wanted than the cost - they're inexpensive regardless.

And although I may be melancholy about Target's failure... our bedroom is not. In fact, I'd say it's profited quite nicely from Target's demise. I picked up two awesome oversized Beaver Canoe pillows, a classic Threshold bench for the foot of the bed, and a few random accessories, including those you saw in Monday's dresser post.

I finally feel like this room is heading in the right direction! We also switched back to our white duvet and picked up some super soft white sheets. There's something so lovely and restful about an all-white bed, isn't there?

I also styled up our bedside tables a little. That adorable little tortoiseshell box (old, from Target) holds night cream and lip balm. The little dish is for jewelry that I've forgotten to take off. And of course, I had to pick up one of the picture frames I'd been eyeing at Target.

Now, I just need to deal with that window situation, save up for a new rug, and invest in some new dresser/side table hardware. It's funny how bedrooms are often the last place people focus their attention because you spend SO much time in them. The changes in here have definitely been worth it. It already feels a million times more restful!


  1. Your bedroom looks great! Good points on Target, I feel the same. A loss for all of us who love to decorate.

    1. Thanks, Sylvia! A definite loss. Here's hoping they open up online shopping to Canada!

  2. We have those Beaver Canoe pillows too, but the black-on-white pattern. Love them. The bedroom looks great!

    1. Aren't they awesome?? I love how plush they are! Thanks, Amy!


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