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Liquor Locker Lighting

Monday, January 12

I know, I know. I've been MIA for ages. My only excuse is that it's been tough to re-adjust to real life after an awesome holiday vacation. But I'm back. And with something new to show you! If you've been around for awhile, you may remember the vintage locker we bought last year to use as a bar in the corner of our living room - affectionately known as the 'liquor locker'. It's a definite conversation starter and one of our favourite pieces in the house.

Liquor Locker Lighting; The Shimmer

The boyfriend REALLY wanted to put lights in it. But it's a metal locker. So it's not the easiest thing to do. For awhile, we investigated different options, but everything seemed like a lot of work (e.g., drilling a hole through the back for a cord) or just didn't feel quite right (e.g., coloured stick-on lights).

Liquor Locker Lighting; The Shimmer

In December, I picked up a bunch of delicate battery-powered string lights for holiday decorating (check out one of my holiday ideas here) and we ended up having a few strings left over. I can't remember who thought of it first, but we realized that we may have finally found the solution to our liquor locker lighting conundrum.

Liquor Locker Lighting; The Shimmer

They're PERFECT. Battery-powered so no drilling required. Really delicate, so they're barely noticeable when they're not turned on. And because the strings are actually wires, they can be bent into the perfect position (without risking knocking something over).

Liquor Locker Lighting; The Shimmer

I love how they make the glass sparkle. And I REALLY love how easy it was to do. You can find the lights we used here.

P.S. Sorry for the iPhone quality photos... for some reason, it seemed to capture the look of the lighting far better than our nice camera!

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