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Styling Practice

Monday, January 19

The one area I've always struggled with when it comes to design is styling surfaces. Furniture selection and placement, I can do. Gallery wall arranging - not a problem. But styling the surfaces of coffee tables, side tables, dressers, and the like has always been something I struggle with. I understand and agree with the premises of grouping things in threes, having objects of varying heights and weights, and looking for a cohesive colour scheme. But in practice? I struggled. But maybe that's it. Maybe it really is just a matter of practice.

So I've been practicing. Here's one example: our bedroom dresser.

If we're being perfectly honest, it's usually covered in clothes... but I figured if it was all styled up, we might be more inclined to actually put things away at the end of the day. Wishful thinking?

Given the sad news of Target's demise (worst worst WORST), I beelined there at the end of last week to stock up on a few favourites before they disappeared for good, including a few new accessories for the dresser. I also FINALLY hung our DIY Typography art on the wall. 

I corralled my daily makeup into a few pretty containers, which makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing and restful view.

Other plans I have for this dresser? I'm planning to replace all of the handles with something new. This dresser is part of a set the boyfriend bought before we met and it matches the bed and both nightstands. Although it's super high quality, I'm really not a fan of matching furniture sets or of all super modern furniture. My thought is that by switching out the hardware for something that looks a little more vintage, it will help make the room feel a little less "catalogue". On a trip to Lee Valley the other week, I spotted many a brass handle I adored... so the tough part now will be to narrow down my selections and find something the boyfriend and I both like. Stay tuned for a post on that decision in the coming weeks.


  1. Looks great Vanessa! Love the egg holder for jewelry and the hooks on the wall. I just bought two of those benches for the foot of my bed and I'm going back to Target today to stock up on some other things I've had my eye on for a while. So sad. :(

    1. Thanks Nicole! It's seriously the only way I've found to corral my jewellery that ACTUALLY works for me - I wear so much more of it now that I can actually see it!

      Aren't the benches awesome? I couldn't resist when the news of Target's closure was announced. And yes, really really sad. You know how abysmal it is to find inexpensive but attractive accessories around here. I'm hoping they follow Erin's advice and open up their online shopping to Canada!


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