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Paint It Black

Monday, March 2

Remember how I said that our doors were already looking pretty fierce? That may have been an understatement. Check them out now:

We painted them Benjamin Moore's Space Black - which is a fairly true black, although a bit softer. We used a pearl finish, on the advice of the paint store guy (If you're local, we always go to the Acadia & Quigley BM on Quinpool - they're amazing and know EVERYTHING.)

I do acknowledge that our doors were already pretty fantastic - old, solid wood, lots of interesting moulding details. I feel like this transformation is akin to Rachel Leigh Cook taking off her glasses in She's All That and suddenly everyone thinks she's beautiful. Except, I suppose, we put on her glasses. Or maybe we dyed her hair. I don't know. This analogy is getting confusing. Basically, yes our doors were pretty awesome underneath - but even cheap doors look amazing painted black. 

Now it's time to move on to the next project on our list: Painting those dang walls. You can check out earlier iterations of the foyer here and here.

P.S. Trying to photograph this tiny little entry is really making me aware of my need for a wide-angle camera lens! Sorry for the terrible angles!


  1. Paint it black is a great solution to so many things right?! The doors look amazing! In our old apartment in Scotland, we had these pretty basic doors, just flat, one day I noticed the wood was peeling off. Someone has made the choice to cover up these beautiful 6 panelled doors with 1/4" plywood! Needless to say I meddity entered construction zone and started ripping off all the old wood in between making dinner!

    1. Whaaaaat?!?! How does that even happen???? Thank god you noticed!!


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