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How to Emphasize Flesh-Tone Trim

Friday, April 3

It's been ages since I shared a foyer update. Apologies for the prolonged absence. Life, you know? But I'm back. And you know that expression, “it has to get worse before it gets better”? I can’t think of anything more apt to describe our foyer’s current state. A few weekends ago we tackled painting the walls. Three coats of Benjamin Moore’s Paper White yielded this:

Pretty dramatic difference from before, right? The whole space feels so much brighter. Unfortunately, it’s also managed to somehow make the flesh-toned trim look even MORE disgusting. 

Don’t worry though – the trim isn’t staying! We’re going to add pieces to the existing trim to make it more intricate and it seemed like a waste of time to paint the trim before we did that. But… if it takes us much longer to get to the trim details, we may just need to do an in-the-meantime paint fix.

Lesson Learned:  Sometimes progress can make things look worse instead of better.  Keep going.  Also, never ever let anyone paint anything in your house the colour of flesh.

P.S. We finally bought a wide-angle lens. It hasn't arrived yet but when it does, it will make it SO much easier to photograph this tiny little space!

P.P.S. More foyer posts here, here, and here.

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