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Project Hester

Thursday, June 18

I shared a glimpse of this project months ago and after more than a year of working together (a really FUN year), we're finally nearing completion. This was a floor-to-ceiling decorating job - the only furniture my client had was a bedroom set. She's really fun and adventurous, and loves things with a little bit of edge - so obviously, it was a blast to put this space together. It won't be ready to be photographed for another few months, so you'll see the full before-and-afters later, but I thought I'd share some iPhone previews of two of the almost-finished spaces today.

This little foyer was begging for some personality. When my client first moved in, it was pretty bare. After scoring an amazing bench, we sorted through a bunch of movie posters she had bought while travelling and picked a bunch to frame and hang. 

My client killed it at auctions and found this gorgeous hutch, and a pedestal table with a set of chairs. 

We paired them with this gorgeous vintage rug.

Then we recovered the chairs with a fun zigzag and styled up the hutch to give the room a dose of personality.

We still need to hang some art but this room is almost wrapped up!

These are just two of the rooms we tackled but the others, including possibly my favourite living room to date, will have to wait until some pro-photos are taken!

Scheming & Dreaming

Tuesday, June 16

In the midst of helping other people decorate and style their homes, sometimes our house takes a backseat. It's honestly a bit embarrassing how long I've left parts of our house unfinished while I focus on other projects! But just because they're not done yet doesn't mean I don't have tons of plans and dreams up my sleeve.

Are you plotting and planning anything fun for your abode? The more I stare at these ideas, the more impatient I am to get started!