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Scheming & Dreaming

Tuesday, June 16

In the midst of helping other people decorate and style their homes, sometimes our house takes a backseat. It's honestly a bit embarrassing how long I've left parts of our house unfinished while I focus on other projects! But just because they're not done yet doesn't mean I don't have tons of plans and dreams up my sleeve.

Are you plotting and planning anything fun for your abode? The more I stare at these ideas, the more impatient I am to get started!


  1. All those ideas look beautiful. I especially love those copper planters. Copper anything wins out in my book. I have a bit of a copper obsession. copper copper copper copper.

    1. I am WITH you on that, Krista. Obsessed with copper. I actually saw the most adorable little succulents recently that were planted in end caps from copper plumbing!


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